Time Machine in Rewind

However, if you are the type that needs crowds of people around you to keep you going, cannot do without your daily fix of T.V., or would drop dead after a mile's walk, then read no further. Bison Wells is not the place for you. We give you life in the raw, and you won't find much of the trappings of modernity here to come in between you and your romance with a bygone era -- not even electricity. So your dinners are naturally by candle-light.


Don't forget to pack your hiking boots!

Our present camp cottage is built for two people, and the next one is planned for some distance away in the same 8-acre plot, so you don't get the feeling you're being crowded. At Bison Wells, we believe the nearest crowd should be a mountain range away.


The Majestic Indian Bison
Thriving in Kodai Hills

The Rare and Elusive Tahr
The only wild mountain goat found in southern India

The Company You Keep
Close encounters of the wild kind

The Last of the Wild

Animals to be Found in the Bison Wells Rain Forest

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