The Gaur or Indian Bison is a large buffalo-like animal which lives in small herds ranging from three to twelve animals. With its huge head, deep massive body, and sturdy limbs the gaur is the embodiment of vigour and strength. Very striking in the gaur is the muscular ridge upon its shoulders which slopes down to the middle of the back where it ends in an abrupt dip. In the Kodai Hills bison usually appear coffee brown in colour. Old bulls attain jet black. An ashy forehead and white-stockinged feet in both sexes are characteristic of the species.


A bull may stand 6 ft. 4 in. at the shoulders. Cows are about 4 in. shorter and have smaller, less widely sweeping horns. An old bull may tip the scales at over a ton. Look for them around Bison Wells.

P.S.: Betcha you wouldn't want to wrestle one in the bush.

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