The Nilgiri Tahr or Mountain Goat (Hemitragus hylocrius) is a near relative of the Himalayan species. The general colour of the animal is a dark yellowish brown, paler on the under-surface. Does and young bucks are grey. With age the bucks get a very deep brown, almost black, coat with a distinctive light "saddle patch" on the loins. From a distance the saddle looks almost white.

The preferred habitat of tahr is the scarps and crags which rise above forest level. They graze early in the mornings and again in the late afternoons. During the hottest hours of the day tahr retire to rest in the shelter of the crags and rocks. They are quick and sharp-sighted, active and sure-footed on precipitous ground. As with other wild goats which retire to rest above their feeding grounds trusting to the inaccessibility of their shelter, tahr are exceedingly watchful against any danger approaching from below but less conscious of an enemy which may descend upon them from above.

As in most of their former habitat, excessive shooting has considerably reduced their number to near extinction at the cliffs near Bison Wells, but a few still survive. You could check out the habitat. We'd be delighted to hear your report regarding sightings.

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